The natural desire of good men is knowledge.

Leonardo da Vinci

Concord Aerospace aspires to make a lasting contribution to global culture, enriching the dialogue between science, art and exploration, transcending different generations, cultures and disciplines with products and projects that benefit the wider world while inspiring scientists, engineers and explorers of tomorrow.


Utilizing the latest in design, materials and technology, Concord Aerospace manufactures some of the most realistic and efficient flight training solutions designed and built in one of the industry’s most agile manufacturing facilities.

From desktop simulators to full motion flight trainers with advanced display systems, Concord Aerospace can replicate the greatest possible fidelity for any aircraft. Once launched, our pioneering augmented reality platform and mobile trainers will be some of the few groundbreaking training solutions in the market.


Concord Aerospace is proud to be the largest “real aircraft parts” supplier to the home cockpit builder community. From aircraft cockpit trims to yokes, seats, throttle quadrants to full set of real avionics, we have a very large inventory of parts in stock at all times.
Concord Aerospace also collaborates for the ultra-high end cockpit builders and provides entire cockpit cuts and assists with the integration and buildout of these complex projects.
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In 2016, we placed an entire Boeing 747-400 on eBay for sale. What started out as an internal test of our internal departments, ended up becoming the foundation to an entire branch within our company specializing solely in the preservation and protection of aircraft and their legacy.
As we launch JetCufflinks ® in 2017, we are preparing for an entire line of products which we hope will inspire and educate a new generation of aviation enthusiasts. A large portion of the sales from our memorabilia products are being used to develop aerospace hardware to improve the training of current flight crews.

the biggest benefit of apollo was the inspiration it gave to a growing generation to get into science and aerospace