Concord Aerospace Return Policy



All sales are final!

Sometimes mistakes happen and if they, do we will work with you to correct the issue.

We do not offer a refund or exchange policy but will do our best correct an error in the rare case it occurs.


Order Cancellation / Modifications


  • Once and order has been placed on the site, it automatically starts the shipping process. We are not able to alter or cancel an order once processed.


  • Engraved/Personalized- Any items that have engraving or any personalization made to them are not subject to returns, refunds or exchanges due to the customization of each item.


  • Tax- The appropriate tax amount by item will be included with your refund.


  • Discounts and Promotions- The refund value for each item returned will be reduced to reflect the value of the free gift or discount.


  • Sale Items Sale items are not subject to returns or refunds unless otherwise stated on the item.


  • Special Order Items - Any items special ordered or made to order are not subject to returns, refunds or exchanges.


Return Request Process:


You can request a return at  

*please include the confirmation number



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