Frequently Asked Questions

I still need more info. How can I contact Concord Aerospace directly?

If you need to contact us directly, you can do so by sending an email to and a team member will reach back out to you immediately. You can also send us a message directly in our contact page.

What is Concord Aerospace?

Concord Aerospace is a Florida-based corporation specializing in several key areas within the aviation industry. We are one of the largest supplies of real aircraft parts and hardware into the simulation community. Our international client base covers all corners of the globe and we ship simulator parts on a daily basis. 

Beyond that, Concord Aerospace specializes in several research and in-house simulation projects that will increase the efficiency of the flight crew training as well as drastically lowering the cost of running high-end simulators. 

Our newest memorabilia branch focuses on preserving and sharing the passion of aviation with every plane and aviation lover out there. Our products focus on making owning a part of an airplane affordable to everyone and increasing awareness of these great engineering marvels. 

If I am building a home-simulator, can I get parts from you?

Definitely! Concord Aerospace caters to the ultra-high end simulator community and we can help with consulting, designing, sourcing, manufacturing and integration of your flight simulator project. We collaborate with the best in the industry and are able to integrate real aircraft avionics and hardware directly into your simulation and trainer projects. Anything from a single Boeing 747 seat to and entire cockpit with full avionics and a fully collimated display can be produced for your simulator project. Concord Aerospace will work with you directly to manage the timelines, build schedules and integration from start to finish. Sign up to our newsletter to be informed for all of our upcoming products and services as well. We will be adding more products and make the purchase process streamlined in the upcoming weeks and months. We have a large stock of Boeing and Airbus parts including seats, trim and avionics. 

How does the Jet Cufflinks® relate to Concord Aerospace?

In 2016, we made an entire Boeing 747 available for public to purchase with the hopes that it would be transformed into something other than beer cans. This experiment went viral and it helped start an entire division within Concord Aerospace which focused on sharing the memory of these great engineering marvels. 

Jet Cufflinks ® is the starting point on this journey. We are dedicated to sharing the heritage and memory of these amazing aircraft with everyone and the Jet Cufflinks ® is a good example of a product that can be both memorable and affordable. And it is just the beginning.

What are Jet Cufflinks ® made out of?

Jet Cufflinks ® are crafted from avionics circuit breakers removed from retired aircraft. Jet Cufflinks ® are made from actual aircraft parts that were in service and flew millions of miles. We do not use parts without any memorabilia value. 

What will arrive in my Jet Cufflinks ® order?

Your Jet Cufflinks ® package will arrive with the set of your very own custom cuff links inside their carrying case. The package will also contain your signed Certificate of Authenticity, which is protected inside its lamination once it is filled out and authenticated. The certificate will include the origin location of the circuit breakers of your Jet Cufflinks ®, including the aircraft, the panel location and the actual avionics panel where the circuit breakers once installed. 

What do the different numbers represent on the Jet Cufflinks ®?

The numbers you see on Jet Cufflinks ® are the circuit breaker designation values based on the electric current within the avionic systems. An aircraft utilizes multiple electrical systems with various voltages. Although the circuit breakers are unified in size, their designations can differ from 1/2, 21/2, 5, 71/2  all the way up to much higher values like 15 and 20. 

Why do my Jet Cufflinks ® have a different numbers on it?

We try to match the numbers of the Jet Cufflinks ® paired together. Because of the different amperage values, your Jet Cufflinks ® pair might have a different numerical value on it than the ones in the pictures. We also do a deep clean of the hardware and clear coat the finished product in order to preserve its final patina. No two Jet Cufflinks ® are the same and we believe that the wear due to years of operation on the actual hardware is something to be preserved. 

Can I order Jet Cufflinks ®  in bulk for a special event?

Yes, you can. For special orders involving bulk orders and customization, please contact us directly at 

How do I organize a return?

Here are Concord Aerospace, we strive to avoid any situation that would result in a return. However, in the unlikely event of a return, the detailed information can be found on our returns page

I am interested in selling your licensed products, how can I do that?

If you interested in become a selling partner of products manufactured within our brand, please reach us directly at for more information.