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Concord Aerospace partnered with several display technology giants in order to research solutions and we are very happy to share our new product with the entire sim community after almost 2 years of research, development and testing.

Concord Aerospace Airliner Primary Display units are the best glass cockpit display unit solution in the market today. Specifically designed to fit directly into the real aircraft cockpit, our displays provide the ultimate realism for flight trainers utilizing the genuine aircraft frame and instrument panels as their foundation. Out internal image generation solution for the display units create a "better than the original hardware" image quality. At the end of our development process, we had several pilots who could not tell them apart from the original units when it comes to the image depth and feel. 

Available for professional trainers as well as high-end enthusiast projects, our Airline Primary Display Unit is a cost effective and is a plug and play solution.




  • Are 1:1 aspect ratio and have the exact same display size as the real aircraft display units. 
  • Concord Aerospace Display Units completely eliminate the need for "masking" monitors behind the avionic panels of the main instrument panel of the aircraft.
  • There is no need for modifying, (potentially damaging) of the original aircraft frame or genuine avionics components and ruining the authenticity of the real cockpit. 
  • Our displays mount and lock and has the 100% accurate size and fitment within the instrument panel. 
  • As a result of years worth of research, testing and collaborations, our new internal display system solution dramatically reduces the cost per unit in comparison to currently available similar products.



  • Complete new internal display and screen system to mimic the depth and the look of the original display units. 
  • Genuine metal front frame (removed from the Honeywell units or replicated on request) re-engineered and re-conditioned for the most realistic look and finish. 
  • Plug and play display units with HDMI inputs that act as individual monitors.
  • Auto power feature allowing easy software integration for realistic start up and power down of the units. 
  • Active cooling system provides constant forced airflow like the real units.
  • Same form factor as the real flight hardware. The units slide and lock into place just like the real aircraft units. 
  • Available for both Boeing and Airbus trainers and form factors. 
  • 737 Classic 
  • A300
  • 737NG  
  • A319
  • 747- Classic
  • A320
  • 747-4 
  • A330
  • 747-8
  • A340
  • 757
  • A380
  • 767
  • 777

 Feel free to contact us for if you are looking for a cockpit display unit not listed above. Our display solutions can be adapted to military aircraft and helicopter simulators as well as any trainer requiring a non-standard aspect ratio display. We are more than happy to assist you with your custom solution.




What will arrive in with my display units ?

Concord Aerospace Airliner Display Units arrive in a secure transport box. They are pre-wired to work with conventional power and can be powered immediately. The HDMI cable is not included since many of the simulators have different layouts for video cables. 

When connected to the simulator computer generating the graphics for the displays, the unit will be recognized by the computer as a new monitor and will operates as such. 

What kind of warranty does Concord Aerospace provide with the units ?

Our display units are warrantied for 5000 hrs of use. (Or 2 years from product delivery). Beyond that point, regular maintenance and servicing is available at anytime. We are happy to help. 

What kind of modification required in order to mount the units into my real cockpit ?

If you are using a genuine cockpit and an instrument panel frame, the display will slide and lock in place just like the original hardware. The only component which needs to be modified on the original cockpit frame are the panel at the base of each display rail. This small panel houses the ARINC interface connector and is held in place via several bolts. The instructions for this removal will be sent to our customers prior to the arrival of their units. This removal process takes approximately 10 minutes for the entire cockpit. 


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