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Currently Available in 3 sizes. 

The Apollo Light Switch by Concord Aerospace adds an elegant, space-age touch to any room in your home or office. Inspired by the iconic switches of the Apollo spacecraft, this fully functional switch is a striking addition to any decor. Crafted with the utmost attention to detail using only the highest quality materials, the Apollo Light Switch guarantees easy installation, unwavering reliability, and effortless operation.

Elevate your decor with the Apollo Light Switch and infuse a cosmic flair into your daily life.

You can also create a unique switch panel with customizable color and text options for each person and space around you. Our switch can be tailored to suit any taste or style. And with the ability to switch out the front panel easily, you can keep the design fresh and up-to-date anytime. The possibilities are endless, so let your creativity run wild!

Available in 3 sizes with many customization options. 



  • SINGLE GANG: 72mm (H) X 122mm (W) X 60mm (D)
  • DOUBLE GANG: 126mm (H) X 122mm (W) X 60mm (D)
  • TRIPLE GANG: 172mm (H) X 122mm (W) X 60mm (D)
  • Voltage rating: 120V AC
  • Switch Type:  SPST (ON-OFF) - (Un-Modified) standard US style switches.
  • Switch Action: Toggle Lever
  • Materials: Aluminum guard rings, laser-cut acrylic faceplate, polymer chassis.
  • Mounting: All mounting hardware is included
  • Compatibility: US Standard.
  • Color: Aerospace Gray (Customized link below)
  • Warranty: One-Year limited warranty. 
  • Packaging: Individually packaged in insulated boxes.


Rated for 120V AC US standard systems. By accessing, purchasing, or utilizing any product & services provided by Concord Aerospace, the client acknowledges and accepts that such utilization is subject to the client's own judgment and at their own risk. The client fully assumes all responsibilities for any installation, maintenance, or use of these products. The client understands that any installation or use of these products may pose risks, including but not limited to the risk of electrical shock, injury, or damage to equipment and the installation environment.  In applications that require power, it is recommended that a professional installation be carried out to minimize any risks of injury or damage resulting from improper installation or use of all Concord Aerospace products.



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