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 We know their names. We have the option to call them what we choose.... But they will always be MANDO and  BABY YODA .

We have spoken!


This custom set includes 2  switch panels with:

  • Multi-layer switch assembly.
  • One real / movable heavy-duty toggle switch. (20A-125VAC / 15A-250VAC)
  • Accurately sized switch guard and bezels based on the Space Shuttle. 
  • Custom fabricated toggle red switch boots. 
  • Gloss rright red chassis and white switch cap. 
  • Reproduction DZUS for enhanced visuals.
  • 3" x 3" x 3"
  • Designed and manufactured in USA.
  • Due to high demand, this item currently ships within 8-10 days. We will update this manufacturing time daily as we increase production. If you need a panel urgently, please contact us and we can definitely expedite your order. 

Important usage warning:  Although the switch panel is sold as memorabilia & display unit, it includes industrial grade toggle switch hardware as a part of its design.  We utilize these components within our simulation projects and wire them in order to make the switches operational.  In the case of powered operational use, the owner assumes all risk and liability for proper installation of this product.  Concord Aerospace is not liable for any damages caused by the incorrect use or faulty wiring. 

Makes a great gift for any Space Enthusiast and a fan of the events and characters of a galaxy far far away. 


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