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Introducing the Apollo 13 Command Module Hatch interior frame by Concord Aerospace. Serving as a captivating window into the historic Apollo 13 mission, this full-scale reproduction is designed for the avid space enthusiast and collector. Crafted with precision and authenticity, it transcends mere functionality to become an art piece. Each glance invites you to experience the thrill of space exploration through its intricately crafted design. As a functional picture frame, it is an incredible focal point in any room or office, adding aesthetic appeal and a unique conversation starter to any space.

🌕 100% accurate to the original unit.

🌕 Aluminum main frame structure. 

🌕 Multiple picture options, including the option to insert your own. The picture/scene can be changed easily. We will work with you directly to finalize the design of the window image. 

🌕 Real stainless steel hardware (close to 120 screws, bolts, mounting hardware)

🌕 Highest quality, double-pane polycarbonate window layers with a custom seal. (similar process to the original windows)  

🌕 Multiple mounting options: setup for horizontal and vertical alignment and a mount for the off-axis mount option with a 4.5-degree angle like in the actual spacecraft. 

🌕 Custom UV-printed roll indicators and guides on the frame. 

🌕 Window shade (coming soon) mounts and leather grip.

🌕 Lunar Topographic Camera mounting structure.  

🌕 Weight: 14.2 LBS 

🌕 Dimensions: 16" x 16" outer frame.  (40 cm x 40 cm)

🌕 Industrial aerospace 3-coat paint application + satin clearcoat finish.


At Concord Aerospace, we are committed to continuously improving our products and services. Given past challenges, we've revamped our production process to serve you better. Our Apollo 13 Command Module Hatch frames will be produced in limited production runs of 10 units. We are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, so secure your unit by placing an order today. Once we receive ten orders, manufacturing will commence, with an estimated turnaround time of one month after the final order is placed. We will promptly inform our clients of their placement in the queue and update you on the progress of your order throughout the process.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support as we strive to deliver exceptional products tailored to our collective passion for space exploration.

In situations of urgent need or with extreme time constraints for the Apollo 13 hatch window, we will work diligently to accommodate our customers' needs to the best of our ability, including producing the production of individual units as necessary.



The CM has five double-pane windows: one hatch window, two side windows, and
two rendezvous windows. Each of these windows consists of an inner-pressure vessel
and heat-shield windows. The structural design philosophy adopted for the CM inner structure, which is the CM primary pressure vessel, was that all windows would be double-pane windows for redundancy and made of tempered glass. The cavity between the two panes would be evacuated and backfilled to 7.0 psi with dry inert gas. The windows were to be mounted to preclude installation stresses, thus restricting the glass loading to differential pressure.


Producing highly accurate topographic maps of the lunar surface was identified as a prime goal of the Apollo flights, along with the necessity to image future landing sites and other targets of significant interest. Hycon Lunar Topographic Camera (LTC) was a high-powered modified KA-7A Aerial Reconnaissance camera designed to take stereoscopic images of the Lunar surface in very low orbits (as low as ten nautical miles) with high-resolution film and powerful lenses. It was carried on board the command modules of the Apollo 13 and 14 missions.

When in use, the LTC mounted in the crew access hatch window of the Command Module, necessitating alterations to the hatch window hardware to accommodate its mounting and functionality during these missions.

Despite its advanced design and intended purpose, the LTC remained unused for lunar photography during the Apollo 13 mission due to events that resulted in an emergency abort of the primary mission objectives, and the spacecraft never had the opportunity to achieve lunar orbit.

Our original Apollo Hatch Windows are also available in our store. 

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