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Whether you are a law-abiding Imperial Naval officer chasing rebel scum OR a Spice-smuggling, scruffy-looking nerf herder in a galaxy far, far away, the hyperdrive system of your spacecraft must operate in peak performance at all times with the best components. 

As one of the most popular customized switch choices over the past year(s), Concord Aerospace is happy to bring our own version of a hyperdrive panel for all sci-fi fans. 

The panel can be integrated with all Hyperdrive Classes engines and any other application or personal project that requires ON-OFF type switches. It can be used as a display unit or a powered interface control panel. 

The Concord Aerospace hyperdrive activation panel utilizes 2 separate real industrial switches and a pre-wired navigation monitor with blue LED backlighting. Depending on your project, this monitor can also be wired as an "indicator light". 

The panel can be mounted to any surface using the M4 screws on the 4 corners. 


HISHyperspace (also nulspace, subspace, overspace, jumpspace, and similar) is a concept from science fiction relating to higher dimensions and parallel universes and a faster-than-light (FTL) method interstellar travel that also occasionally appears in scientific works in related contexts. Its use in science fiction originated in the magazine Amazing Stories Quarterly in 1931. Within several decades it became one of the most popular tropes of science fiction, popularized by its use in the works of authors such as Isaac Asimov and E. C. Tubb and media franchises such as Star Wars.


  • Multi-layer switch assembly.
  • Real / Operable heavy-duty toggle switches. (20A-125VAC / 15A-250VAC).
  • SPST (ON-OFF Configuration).
  • 12v Illuminated navigation computer monitor (pre-wired for powered use in projects)
  • M4 Screws ready for easy surface mounting. 
  • Appropriately "aged" to simulate wear and fit into the galactic "theme". 
  • 4" (width) x 3" (height) x 3" (depth)
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA.
  • Due to high demand, this item currently ships within 3-5 days. We will update this manufacturing time daily as we increase production. 

Important usage warning: In the case of powered operational use, the owner assumes all risk and liability for the proper installation of this product. Concord Aerospace is not liable for damages caused by incorrect use or faulty wiring. 

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