Own a real piece of aviation history with Concord Aerospace Jet Cufflinks ®. Handcrafted from real avionic panel circuit breakers, a set of Jet Cufflinks ® is an exquisite showcase of form, function, aesthetics, heritage and design.

Jet Cufflinks ® enhance your personal style and make an impact in any important life event you attend by becoming an instant eye-catching conversation starter. 


Jet Cufflinks ® is more than just an elegant accessory, it is a timeless gift representing the passion of aviation. The next-best thing to wearing  JetCufflinks ® is knowing that you are suiting up with a real piece of aviation history in the shape of an actual aircraft avionics hardware. Whether you are an avid aviation memorabilia collector or a student pilot training for your first solo flight, Jet Cufflinks ® embody the spirit of an aviator with a sophisticated, innovative and universal statement. 


Jet Cufflinks ® set comes with the certificate of authenticity displaying the location of origin of your Jet Cufflinks ®. Learn about the air-frame and know exactly where your set of Jet Cufflinks ® were located while they were in service flying at 38,000 feet. 


Jet Cufflinks ® start their life inside commercial aircraft as circuit breakers. They clock millions of miles of faithful service and operate continuously for years to ensure the safety of everyone on board.

After an illustrious service, all aircraft must retire. This is when a new chapter begins for Jet Cufflinks ®. Concord Aerospace team members remove the circuit breaker panel from the recently operational aircraft with utmost care. We ensure the circuit breakers are catalogued individually. The location of the circuit breakers are recorded by the aircraft tail number, the location of the master panel and the individual fuse location. This information is then applied to the certificate of authenticity which comes with every set of Jet Cufflinks ®. 

The individual circuit breakers are then cleaned with scrupulous attention to detail. They are tooled one by one and mated with their polished silver swivel mechanisms and transformed into the iconic Jet Cufflinks ®. They are coated with aircraft-grade clear-coat for the glossy luster and smooth finish. Jet Cufflinks ® are stored inside a velvet lined custom chrome case to ensure that they are well protected for years to come. They can also be displayed in a collection with the case open with no additional hardware to present them. 


With your Jet Cufflinks ® purchase, we invite you to join an elite circle of aviation lovers who have chosen to participate in the preservation and protection of the heritage of these engineering marvels.

Concord Aerospace is proud to announce that a large portion of Jet Cufflinks ® sales will be used to develop aerospace hardware designed to improve the training of current flight crews. Concord Aerospace is also developing products and attractions with the sole mission to invite and appeal to new aviation enthusiasts, aviators and even astronauts of the future into the industry. With the purchase of your very own Jet Cufflinks ®, the entire Concord Aerospace team thanks you for joining us in this valuable endeavor. 


Jet Cufflinks ® product case dimensions: 3 inch x 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch

Jet Cufflinks ® Certificate dimensions: 7 inch x 5.5 inch laminated

Jet Cufflinks ® product shipping dimensions: 9 inch x 7 inch padded envelope



What are Jet Cufflinks ® made out of ?

Jet Cufflinks ® are crafted from avionics circuit breakers removed from retired aircraft. Jet Cufflinks ® are made from actual aircraft parts that were in service and flew millions of miles. We do not use parts without any memorabilia value. 

What will arrive in my Jet Cufflinks ® order ?

Your Jet Cufflinks ® package will arrive with the set of your very own custom cuff links inside their chrome carrying case. The package will also contain your signed Certificate of Authenticity, which is protected inside its lamination once it is filled out and authenticated. The certificate will include the origin location of the circuit breakers of your Jet Cufflinks ®. Including the aircraft, the panel location and the actual avionics panel where the circuit breakers once were. 

What do the different numbers represent on the Jet Cufflinks ® ?

The numbers you see on Jet Cufflinks ® are the circuit breaker designation values based on the electric current within the avionic systems. An aircraft utilizes multiple electrical systems with various voltages. Although the circuit breakers are unified in size, their designations can differ from 1/2, 21/2, 5, 71/2  all the way up to much higher values like 15 and 50. 

Why do my Jet Cufflinks ® have a different value on it ?

We try to match the numbers of the Jet Cufflinks ® paired together. Because of the different voltage values, your Jet Cufflinks ® pair might have a different numerical value on it than the ones in the pictures. We also do a deep clean the hardware and clear coat the finished product in order to preserve its final patina. No two Jet Cufflinks ® are the same and we believe that the imperfections due to years of operation on the actual hardware is something to be preserved. 

Can I order Jet Cufflinks ®  in bulk for a special event?

Yes you can. For special orders involving bulk orders and customization, please contact us directly. 

Thank you and don't miss out of owning a piece of aviation history. 

Concord Aerospace Team

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