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From the minds that bring you "PRODUCTS THAT YOU DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT." Behold the Ludicrous Speed Control Panel!

PRODUCTION NOTE: Every panel order is produced as they come in, we are working around the clock in order stay ahead of the backlog and catch up to the open orders. Please allow for a few days after purchase for these panels to be shipped. Thank you very much .

In response to your requests and the fantastic feedback on our Hyperdrive panel, we're excited to reveal the creation of another eagerly awaited product.

The Ludicrous Speed Control Panel seamlessly blends Apollo-era inspiration, our highest-quality design and craftsmanship, and the creative tapestry woven through countless Ludicrous Speed customizations we have done with our standard panel's line over the years. It's our commitment to delivering top-notch operable specialty spacecraft hardware, a dash of joy and humor, and a nod to Mel Brooks' brilliance.

True to our commitment to functionality, the Ludicrous Speed panel is fully operable, transcending novelty to serve as a high-performing control panel. Equipped with a rotary dial knob which is an exact reproduction of the ones used in the Apollo Lunar Module (hint) offers a range of precise flight velocity options and an ON-OFF single-pole toggle switch for the  "GO" / EXECUTE command. The toggle is protected via an industrial flip-up switch guard to avoid accidental speed changes in your spacecraft. It can also be used as a regular ON-OFF switch to control many other devices and projects. The panel effortlessly mounts to any surface using M4 screws positioned at its four corners. Whether integrated as a display unit or a powered interface control panel, this technology promises to elevate your spacecraft's capabilities to extraordinary heights.

The real technical information, as well as our traditional "Fiction" that goes along with this fun panel can be viewed below. 


The Baryonic Antimatter Luminosity Leapdrive (BALLZ for short) stands at the forefront of interstellar propulsion technology, harnessing the power of baryonic antimatter reactions to generate luminous thrust. This groundbreaking leapdrive operates by manipulating the inherent luminosity of antimatter, achieving propulsion through carefully controlled leaps in the fabric of space-time. The leapdrive's advanced quantum algorithms facilitate precise navigation, enabling near-instantaneous transitions between various spatial coordinates.

Propelled by the intricate dance of baryonic and antimatter particles, BALLZ not only ensures swift interstellar travel but also opens gateways to uncharted cosmic realms, pushing the boundaries of astrophysical exploration. The integration of cutting-edge luminosity technology sets BALLZ apart as a paradigm-shifting force in the ever-expanding frontier of hyperspace propulsion systems.

The Concord Aerospace Master Speed Control Panel harmoniously interfaces with BALLZ, providing meticulous control over an array of relativistic propulsion modalities for your interstellar odyssey:

⚫ OFF: Disengaged BALLZ propulsion system, allowing the spacecraft to maintain sub-lightspeed momentum with conventional vacuum engines.

🟢 LIGHTSPEED: BALLZ is engaged by activating the onboard baryonic antimatter reactor, inducing a controlled spacetime distortion that propels the spacecraft beyond classical velocity thresholds, facilitating efficient interstellar travel.

🟠 RIDICULOUS SPEED: Initiates advanced quantum optimizations within the BALLZ field, thrusting the spacecraft into a state of accelerated motion that transcends conventional velocity constraints through the manipulation of spacetime metrics.

🔴 LUDICROUS SPEED: Attains the apex of efficiency within the BALLZ field, propelling the spacecraft to the zenith of rapid travel and approaching theoretical limits defined by our current understanding of spacetime physics.

🟣 PLAID: Initiates a transcendental state of velocity, symbolizing an esoteric dimension of travel achieved through the manipulation of spacetime metrics within BALLZ. Transitioning into this unconventional dimension of velocity, the experience is akin to traversing the cosmic expanse with an unparalleled sense of harmony and euphoria. As BALLZ propels to the zenith of celestial speeds, pushing the limits of astrophysical exploration, theories, and speculation arise that achieving celestial nirvana's apex becomes a distinct possibility in the vastness of the cosmic joke.

Unveil a realm of precision and mastery in interstellar navigation and embark on unparalleled space exploration, where the Concord Aerospace Quantum Speed Control Panel interface harmoniously orchestrates the intricacies of your spaceship's BALLZ.


🌕 Multi-layer switch assembly for optimal performance.

🌕 Exact reproduction of the Apollo Lunar Module rotary knob with fully operational potentiometer. 

🌕 Robust, industrial operable toggle switch (20A-125VAC / 15A-250VAC) for reliability under demanding conditions.

🌕 SPST (ON-OFF) Switch Configuration for versatile control options.

🌕 Industrial Toggle switch guard for the ON command. Multi-color options. 

🌕 Mounting hardware upgrade option available. 

🌕 Compact dimensions of 4.5" x 3" x 3" for seamless integration into any setting.

🌕 Designed and manufactured in Orlando, FL, USA.


By accessing, purchasing, or utilizing any product & services provided by Concord Aerospace, the client acknowledges and accepts that such utilization is subject to the client's own judgment and at their own risk. The client fully assumes all responsibilities for any installation, maintenance, or use of these products. The client understands that any installation or use of these products may pose risks, including but not limited to the risk of electrical shock, injury, or damage to equipment and the installation environment.  In applications that require power, it is recommended that a professional installation be carried out to minimize any risks of injury or damage resulting from improper installation or use of all Concord Aerospace products.

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