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On the 20th of July 1969, during the Apollo 11 mission, a pivotal moment in history was marked by the illumination of the two "Lunar Contact" lights within the Lunar Module Eagle. These unassuming lights served a profound purpose, symbolizing far more than just the physical contact between the nimble Grumman spacecraft and the desolate surface of our closest celestial neighbor.


At MET 102:45:40, as the circuit closed, a soft yet unmistakable blue light flickered to life. This ethereal glow heralded the realization of humanity's long-cherished dream - the actualization of a voyage to the moon. With this momentous event, one of the primary objectives of the Apollo program was achieved: sending astronauts to set foot on the moon. The illumination represented the collective ingenuity, hard work, and sacrifices of the countless individuals who toiled tirelessly to turn this ambitious vision into reality.

The brave crew of Apollo 11, forever immortalized in history, were the courageous pioneers who embarked on this unparalleled journey. They became the living embodiment of the mission's success, their names etched into the annals of space exploration.

Unexpectedly, this illumination also signified a transformation of more than just the lunar landscape. It was a turning point that transcended mere exploration; it turned the "Sea of Tranquility" of space into  "Tranquility Base",  opening up the possibility of establishing a foothold on the moon - a springboard for future space endeavors and perhaps even interplanetary exploration.

In this remarkable moment, the world witnessed not only a small step for mankind but also a giant leap for the human spirit, proving that with determination, innovation, and collaboration, we can reach extraordinary heights and accomplish the seemingly impossible.

Concord Aerospace is happy to announce the launch of our fully operable, illuminated LUNAR CONTACT panel. We have created this panel to make it possible for anyone to be able to own a piece of spacecraft history. The operable Lunar Contact panel comes with a replica of the illuminated indicator light and the unmistakable Lunar Contact text. (Different size and style in comparison to all other panel labels inside the LM and CM.)

In the LM, the Lunar Contact button operates as an indicator only. However, to expand its potential usage for our clients, we engineered our version with an additional momentary push button switch without changing the visual look and feel of the panel. This small integration allows our Lunar Contact light to become an indicator and a push-button input. It is effortless to mount and display.

On the back of the panel, we have printed a photo of the Apollo 11 landing site and key information about the landing of the Lunar Module Eagle.



  • Multi-layer switch assembly.
  • Real / Operable Illuminated Press Button.
  • 5V LED pre-installed light. 
  • Accurately sized light bezels based on the Apollo Lunar Module.
  • Custom fabricated LUNAR CONTACT momentary push button. 
  • Reproduction DZUS for enhanced visuals.
  • Full color printed background on highest quality cast acrylic. 
  • 65mm Width x 65mm Height x 65mm Depth dimensions. (2.6" x 2.6" x 3" )
  • Designed and manufactured by Concord Aerospace Orlando creative team.
  • Due to high demand, this item currently ships within 3-5 days. We will update this manufacturing time daily as we increase production. If you need a panel urgently, please contact us and we can definitely expedite your order. 

Important usage warning:  Although the switch panel is available as a memorabilia & display unit, it includes industrial-grade push-button switch hardware as a part of its design. We use our components within our simulation projects and wire them to make the switches operational. In the case of powered functional use, the owner assumes all risk and liability for properly installing this product. Concord Aerospace is not liable for any damages caused by the incorrect use or faulty wiring. 

Makes a great gift for any space & aviation hardware collector. 


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