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NEW RELEASE: We've just introduced the ceramic versions of our Space Shuttle Tiles as a brand new option. Explore the gallery to see the detailed comparison between these options.

Step into the universe of space exploration with Concord Aerospace's SPACE SHUTTLE THERMAL PROTECTION SYSTEM TILE ASTROCOASTERS, a remarkable tribute to the ingenuity and engineering prowess of the iconic space shuttle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these exquisite reproductions of the High-temperature reusable surface insulation (HRSI) tiles celebrate the uniqueness of the space shuttle's thermal protection system, measuring 4" x 4" x 1.5" each.

ASTROCOASTERS transcend mere replicas. They embody the perfect fusion of form, function, and a heartfelt celebration of the NASA Space Shuttle's remarkable legacy. They elegantly protect surfaces as practical coasters, while their intricate details and originality captivate as decorative pieces. With every use, they evoke a profound love for space and science, inviting you to cherish the wonders of exploration.

At Concord Aerospace, we embrace the irony that our pursuit of perfection often results in a delightful avalanche of additional work for ourselves. But we wouldn't have it any other way because it's a testament to our expertise and unwavering commitment to excellence. That is why our designers recreated the exact dot matrix font used on the tiles for unmatched authenticity. We are marking every tile with its specific serial number, capturing the essence of the original Space Shuttle's thermal protection system's coding system—a giant puzzle.

There is more. What sets these ASTROCOASTERS apart is their magnetic backing. This innovative feature we implement on our Astro Coasters lets you creatively tile them on any suitable surface, creating a truly unique and customizable display. Whether adorning your fridge, whiteboard, or any other magnetic surface, these coasters transform into versatile decorative elements, capturing the essence of the space shuttle's thermal protection system in a truly engaging manner.



The black High-temperature reusable surface insulation (HRSI) tiles were integral to the space shuttle's thermal protection system, safeguarding the orbiter against extreme temperatures of up to 1,260 °C (2,300 °F) during reentry. These tiles were critical in protecting vital components such as the landing gear doors, external tank umbilical connection doors, and the orbiter's under surfaces. They were strategically employed in various areas of the shuttle, including the upper forward fuselage, orbital maneuvering system pods, vertical stabilizer leading edge, elevon trailing edges, and upper body flap surface. The thickness of these tiles ranged from 1 to 5 inches (2.5 to 12.7 cm), depending on the specific heat load encountered during reentry.

Composed of high-purity silica fibers, the HRSI tiles exhibited a remarkable property, with 90 percent of their volume consisting of empty space, resulting in a remarkably low density of 9 lb/cu ft (140 kg/m3). This lightweight construction was crucial for spaceflight requirements. The uncoated tiles showcased a bright white appearance, belying their foam-like composition. To enhance their heat sink properties and protect the porous silica structure, a black coating known as Reaction Cured Glass (RCG) was applied to all sides of the tile except for the bottom. The RCG coating, consisting of ingredients like tetraboron silicide and borosilicate glass, served as a waterproofing and heat-dissipating layer. Dimethylethoxysilane was injected into the tiles to ensure waterproofing, while tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) was used to densify the tiles, providing additional protection to the silica structure.

The meticulous design and engineering of these HRSI tiles exemplified the dedication to thermal protection excellence in the space shuttle program, showcasing the innovative use of advanced materials and precise manufacturing techniques to ensure the safety and integrity of the orbiter during its demanding missions.


    • 4" x 4" (10.16cm x 10.16cm)
    • CNC machined resilient polymer top layer.
    • Black impact-resistant anti-slip coated upper layer. 
    • White impact-resistant polymer middle layer
    • The Kydex composite base layer. 
    • Individually printed serial numbers, faithfully replicating the authentic markings of the original Space Shuttle.
    • Aerospace-Grade Industrial polyurethane clear top coating for added strength. 
    • Magnetic back for the optimum display and vertical storage options.
    • Laser-etched back panel. 
    • Resistant to stains and scratches.
    • Astrocoasters are virtually maintenance-free and can be effortlessly cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent when needed. However, due to their composite construction, it is not advisable to use a dishwasher for cleaning.
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